We Can Do A Lot

Byers Precision Fabricators, Inc. exemplifies the modern job shop.  Our equipment is some of the best available and are well maintained.  The facility is clean and offers a comfortable environment in which to work.  From cutting piece parts with quantities of 1 to 1000, sub-assemblies, or completely turn-key; we welcome your business.

BYERS Precision Fabricators, Inc.

2017 Latest Offerings

UNISON Breeze - Left & Right Dual Stack CNC Tube Bending Machine

CINCINNATI 90 MaxForm 6 Hydraulic Press Brake

OMAX 120x Jet Machining Center.  5-Axis Waterjet.

We now offer tube bending services!

The UK's leading manufacturer of CNC All Electric Tube Bending Systems.  Uses a fraction of electricity compared to hydraulic systems.  Accurate, clean, quiet operation.

Our newest Press Brake just happens to be our largest and most capable.

Our Fastest Press Brake

90 Ton Capacity

8 Foot Bend Length

14 Inch Stroke

18 Inch Throat

6 Axis CNC Backgage

CNC Programmable Crowning

Power Upper Tool Clamping

Wilson Express Lower Tool Clamping


The Byers Precision Fabricators, Inc. facility has many tools at its disposal for your cutting needs.  We can saw, shear, punch, and laser.

While Byers Precision has never been a "Machine Shop", we have over the years added to

our arsenal to offer more in house control over what was once totally sub-contracted.

We have 3 different Press Brakes of varying size, tonnage,

tooling and capabilities to cover your forming needs.

Milling & Turning



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When it comes to welding, we have the best equipment and a team of ASME / AWS certified welders at the ready!

General finishing including deburring, grinding, etc are done at Byers.

Paint, powder, and other finishes are sub contracted outside.

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Picture link to Quality Services.

ISO 9001: 2015 Cert# C0095051 & NQA-1 Compliant

10CFR50 Appendix B.  ASME / AWS Certified Welders

These 6 categories encompass the majority of what we do here at Byers

Precision Fabricators, Inc.  Estimating, Research and Development of processes are on-going.  Part assembly or assemblies, documentation, quality control throughout are a daily staple.  Cleaning and maintenance of equipment and facility are carried out at regular intervals to help keep us running smoothly.