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"The mission of Byers Precision Fabricators, Inc is to supply our customers with components and assemblies that conform to their specifications, and are delivered on time and within budget."

BYERS Precision Fabricators, Inc.


In 1942, Paul Byers opened a general sheet metal shop in Hendersonville, North Carolina.  Byers Sheet Metal Works quickly became one of the largest ductwork and roofing contractors in the state.  Many of the customers Paul Byers worked with during the early years are still customers.  Today, the business is conducted under the name Byers Precision Fabricators, Inc and is headed up by Paul's son, Roger Byers.


Byers Precision Fabricators is a 60,000 sq. ft. facility that is one of the cleanest, modern job shops around.  The staff know their craft and we are always looking for the better way to do things.

The Team:

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The President

The Vice President

Operations Manager

Engineer/Project Manager

Our visionary leader that continues to motivate and drive us to achieve greater heights and instills pride in all of us that work for him.

Successful CPA for 40 years prior to joining Byers Precision as VP/CFO.  A true professional that currently serves on eight civic and non-profit boards.

Continuing the family tradition, the Operations Manager has a broad knowledge of all aspects of the company, equipment and our capabilities.

22 years of Manufacturing Engineering experience in Aerospace and Military Aerospace fields.  12 year background as a tool and die maker.

Human Resources

Quality Manager

Shipping and Receiving

Sales Manager

23 years of Human Resource Management experience.  PHR, SHRM-CP Certified since 2001.

Maintains the Byers quality system and works closely with our shop personnel and customers.

The goal line for us and our customers.  All product is prepped for shipment via whatever means necessary to assure it arrives undamaged and on time.

Has worked in international sales for manufacturing and logistics for over 21 years.  Holds an MBA with a Mechanical Engineering background.

CAD\CAM Department

38 years experience in sheet metal fabrication.  A certified SolidWorks CAD/CAM Professional for 28 years, specializing in sheet metal.

CAD\CAM Department

33 years experience in sheet metal fabrication.  Has spent the last 17 years as a SolidWorks CAD/CAM technician.  Works closely with Press Brake operators.